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Thank you for purchasing our plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please visit the support system here. Thanks so much!

Documentation Folder

This is the folder containing this documentation that you are now viewing. No Need to upload it, just keep handy for when you need to refer back to.

This is your Wordpress plugin file for Indeed Easy Pricing Table that you add to your plugins directory of Wordpress.

Uploading Plugin

Inside your Wordpress admin area, go to Plugins at the top you'll see "Add New" click that and the click the link that says "Upload". In the upload box select the file and click upload.

After uploading is completed and installation is done Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate it.

Activate the Plugin

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins click the "Activate" link under Indeed Social Share & Locker Pro. Your Plugin is now installed!


The main settings for your Table like:Template, Color and Hover Effects can be set from this box


This section provide the Table Live Preview with the additional options for Columns and Rows

The Columns can be ordered by a drag-drop action using your mouse.

Row Options:

  • Add New Row - using the big "plus" button from the bottom
  • Move Up/Down - using the small arrows
  • Delete Row - using the "X" icon
  • Edit Row - set the height size for each particular row

Column Options:

  • Add New Column - using the big "plus" button from the right side
  • Move - using the drag-drop action by holding the desired column and moving to the desired position
  • Delete Column - using the "X" icon
  • Duplicate
  • - using the second icon from the button
  • Edit Column - you can set the width for each column and the desired attached Ribbon

Cell Option:

  • Add Content - using the big "plus" button from each Cell
  • Clear Cell - using the small "X" icon from the top-right
  • Edit Content - by clicking inside the Cell

New Elements

In any Cell you can add new Content Element.

Now, are available 8 Predefined Elements


  • Title - add a Title Text with predefined style provided by the selected Theme
  • Text - add a simple Text with additional settings
  • Price - add a Price element including price, currency and the sub-text included into the Theme style.
  • Button - a simple or complex Button can be added (like Sign Up) with the provided Link, a small Icon and Label
  • Incons - add one predefined icon from more than 100+ icons
  • Image - add an image from your Media Gallery deciding the width percentage from your Cell Width
  • Video - add an Youtube Video based on Video ID that can be found into the Video URL and deciding the width percentage from your Cell Width
  • HTML - this section let you add any personal HTML content into your Pricing Table


All the elements has additional options like Align, Background (Cell), Class and In-line Style for advanced customization.


The Shortcode of each Table is provided and needs to be copied to the desired Web Page

Edit and Preview features are available, also.

Thanks again for buying this plugin, if you need any help/support at all contact us.

Item Support